Rollin' on a river

Walkin’ down the bay
In the early mornin’ sun
So wonderful to be alone, in silent prayer
I can count a million diamonds in a ruby sky
Quietly my nights turn into day
To let your mind go wander
All along the shore
Turnin’ back the hands of time once more
To all those little crowded places where we used to play
But I never ever really made it to your door

Lord I never knew what was right or what was wrong
I had to go a long and rocky road
Too long in the wind and though I say we had it all
I came to see that times been rather cold

I’ve been rollin’ on a river
I travelled over land
I been lookin’ for the beginning and the end
Of my long time journey through the ever changing sand
I dare say that it ain’t easy tryin’ to understand

Walkin’ down the water
In the slowly risin’ sun
So wonderful to be back home again
I can feel the tender touch of the sun’s embrace
And all my nights, I feel ’em sail away
I feel the cold is fading like the mornin’ dew
And all my mind is reachin’ out for you
I can hear a skylark singin’ high up in the sky
And it sure do make me wanna sing my song for you

I can still remember I was writing songs for you
But I never saw what you did understand
Stumblin’ through the darkness and every time I was untrue
You could read between the line again



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