You can lay my mind at rest

I’ll just take my boots off slowly girl
Would you put them at the foot of the bed
I’ve been many miles on a lonely road
Trying to find my head
Take my shirt of gently babe
Lay it over a chair
It’s been halfway to hell and back again
I couldn’t find you there
Take my shades off careful’ darling
My eyes are bruised from what they’ve seen

Only you can make my mind at rest
I said would you lay my mind down reel slow
On a feathered pillow
I got nothing to hide
But God knows what you find inside
I just need a place to gently put my head

Would you take your hair down slowly girl
The make-up from your eyes
I’m looking for some kind of truth in you babe
I’ve seen too many lies
Let the silken shadows fall
Fall to the floor
It’s been so long, And I’m feeling so strong
You’re what I’ve been searching for
Latch the door darling
And walk softly to me



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