Whenever you need me

Show me the way, to a land of make believe
I will follow you wherever you may go
Flyin’ high beyond the point of no return
And there all our tears, we’ll leave to let love grow

In ev’ry way, now we will try, search for harmony
And give our souls unto the night
Until we know, when sands of time have run away

Whenever you lead me (I’ll be there)
Whenever you need me (I’ll be there)
I want you to show me (show me, show me then)
Till we learn to live, to live in love

Fly away to that world of make believe
On the wings of love, that make it all come true
Oh, no I won’t lie
I won’t lie to you no more
Now I hold the key, to open up your door

In every way, now we will try
Until we know, when sand of time have turn away



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