Walking together

Love should be eternity
And I, pray that you, will stand by me
My soul’s laid bare, here while I hold you
Oh after all the trials, that we’ve been through

I’m tired of walkin’ all alone
Without you I feel so far from home
From now on babe, we’ll walk together
Now I, don’t know why, I made you cry


Everytime I see you love for me I found my Paradise
Then I realize, you’re guidin’ me
By the love light in your eyes
Everytime I hear your heart so near, time is seems to fly
I recall the day you came my way
Brought a meaning to my life

Amor my love, we can’t go wrong
Now you’ll be a friend when nights grow long
I know that we’re made for each other
I’ll be by your side until I die

It seems so easy to say
That love is harmony, that love is destiny
But babe, that’s what I pray


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