Lonely people

Starin’ through their windows
At the long darknin’ shadow
And a little bit of sunshine fades away

Lonely with their sorrow
Uneasy ‘bout tomorrow
Only listening to the sound of the rain that falls

All alone with their frustrations
And all their desperations
That no one ever tries to understand
All because they are unable
To tell someone their trouble
And instead of building bridges
They’re building walls

Lonely people in their houses build like gettoes
The keep waitin’ for some lovin’
They’re only sittin’ there
Listening to the echoes of other people’s life
They’re hopin’ for someone to open up their door
Someone who’ll understand and lends a helpin’ hand
To help ‘em make it through the night

With emptiness around them
And four walls that surround them
Like the little sad-eyed merchant sailor’s wife
Or the old man down the corner
We all know that he lives there
But no one doesn’t really seem to care

Lonely people
Lonely people
Only longing for some comfort
They’ve been missing for so long




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