I’ve long been waitin’ for the day
To come ‘n’ set me free
Now, all I ask as I’m a fool
Is love for you ‘n’ me

And now in each ‘n’ ev’ry way
I try ‘n’ change it all
All the misery ‘n’ lies a crime in your eyes
I was wrong as I recall

All I need’s a simple smile
‘Cause I believe in you
Fairy tales don’t ever rhyme
Tho’ we can make ‘em come true
‘Cause I will know the time to climb
Above my lonely soul
I’ll reach out with my heart for the moment
To find and feel our love grow

Out on the ocean of our lives in motion
Rollin’ along on the wings of the wind
Through the tides of the time
You’ll be mine evermore

We will sing in harmony
We will sing our song
On ‘n’ on





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