Cry of freedom

Cry of freedom, spread out your
Wings into the sky
And take us to where the hills are calling
On the breeze hangs a fragrance
Of morning dew
Where the banks of the wide river
Jordan come in view
Holy ground afar and forlorn
Memories of yesterday
How we long for the moment
This torture will die away

Cry of freedom, cry out of the heart
Of our souls
And we’ll fight our way out from here
Onward we go
Come away save the day
We can be strong when we hold on
To that ancient believe, we belong in
Now we’re breaking away
We’ll realize our paradise
We will rise now above sorrow and pain
Though the shame of the chain cut so deeply
Still the flame or our pride will be burning

Cry of freedom, awake to this stirring inside
And we’ll walk through the dawning now
Of a new morning light
And the spell of the past
It will ever remain
Holding on to that dream
We’ll forget all our pain




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